• Never ever ever ever give up!

    I don’t even know how it happened. It happened so fast. We had just bridged to the front pack, there was a long, strung out concertina and I was at the back of the pack. I guess I panicked and took too much risk trying to get round the corner and stay with the pack. I just knew I’d hit my head. I jumped up and felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. My derailleur was bent as well as my handlebars. I jumped back on my bike in tears and rode further along the course to where James my coach was. He saw I’d hit my head and was in a bit of a bad way. I struggled momentarily with whether I should’ve carried on but James said there was no way if I’d hit my head. So that was it, World Series Stockholm over.

    So here I sit, 12 days before the grand final in London. My grazes have healed up nicely and the physio reckons I have another bruised/fractured rib on my upper back, which explains why it has been agonising running. My mother has a massively high pain threshold and once ran half of an ultramarathon on a broken ankle. I like to think I’ve inherited some of that as I’ve now had to deal with 2 messed up ribs yet managed to train through. I’m pleased to say that each session gets better and better and more pain free and despite the crash, I’ve managed to have a decent weeks training since Stockholm.

    2013 has been a heck of an emotional rollercoaster for me. Things have not gone to plan at all. I’ve had a couple of decent results but most of my World Series has been awful. To summarise: San Diego, wheel got jammed; Madrid-a really really crap swim; Hamburg, broken rib during the swim…..& then Stockholm. There have been a lot of tears and whispers in the back of my head ‘Why go through all this agony and sacrifice for nothing? Is it time for me to stop?I’ve trained so damn hard and have had such bad luck, is it all worth it?’ I get a great block of training in, build myself up for a race, all the hype/excitement/nervous tension…then bammm, it just implodes in your face. This is the dark side of professional sport that you don’t see. I feel like it has been a constant struggle getting knocked down over and over again….but I keep getting up and will continue to keep getting up and fighting.

    I was very lucky leading into the Olympics not having any bad luck so I suppose I’m getting my due now. And to be honest, I’d rather have it this year (which in the greater scheme of things being a post Olympic year is a ‘nothing year’) than next year when the Olympic and Commonwealth qualification kick off. This year and all its trials and tribulations has just made me hungrier for next year. I’ve had it all thrown at me and am still going. I’m going to be stronger for it all. Much stronger.

    I have a couple of races left for the year, the big one being the grand final in London. It’s my home, it’s my home course, it’s the Olympic venue and I’m out to do myself, my husband, coach, family, friends, sponsors, supporters and country proud.

    Thanks so much to everyone for the amazing support so far this year….I think one also appreciates it that bit more when things are not all smooth sailing. If you’re gonna be in Hyde Park, see you there for an amazing weekend of racing!

    Races left for 2013:

    London WTS

    Alicante WC

    Garmin Barcelona Tri

    Seville EC

    G x

    It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! – Rocky Balboa

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